As parents of St Scholastica's girls, we see our daughters grow intellectually, find their voices, and develop self-confidence. From orientation through to graduation, we invite you to bring your own wisdom, leadership, expectations, and energy to our vibrant school.

Parental involvement at St Scholastica's is crucial in helping to develop and extend facilities for students. Over the years our fundraising has contributed to valuable college resources including computers, musical instruments, chairs, curtains, a sound system, lighting and a portable stage for the Trixie Forrest Centre, scaffolding, display boards and lights, as well as sports, hospitality and audio-visual equipment.

The P&F also raises funds for important causes that include the Emma De Silva Foundation, UN Women (International Women's Day) and the Sisters of the Good Samaritan Foundation. Once each term, we have a general meeting of the P&F, which organises social functions, fundraising and whole school activities.

At the March 2015 P&F Executive Committee meeting it was agreed that it would be useful to make available the P&F Constitution to the parent community:

Download the P&F Constitution

Want to know what we're up to? We invite you to come along to our P&F General Meetings, which are held once a term and to join us in the events we host during the year. Check Schols News for details and events and information or come back to this page on our website for updates. Contact us at

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