International Students
2016 Fees

These fees are current for 2016 only.
The complete list is downloadable as a PDF here.

Our fees are in Australian Dollars and include 10% GST where applicable. Click here for current currency exchange rates.
Application fee
This fee accompanies the original application and is non-refundable
Enrolment fee
This fee is payable on successful completion of the enrolment process and is non-refundable
Tuition fee*
Includes textbooks and resources. English language assistance during studies is also covered by this fee
Building fund
This is paid at the beginning of a student’s course and is for 4 years or part thereof
Boarding fee*
Boarding bond
This fee is refunded at the scheduled point of departure or provided one term’s notice is given of intention to depart
Activities - per semester
Applicable to Junior boarders only

*No refunds will be given in the event of early departure
Please note: fees (except the application fee) are refundable in the event that a student visa is denied. They are subject to change, but prior notice will be given where possible.


PROVIDER: St Scholastica's College, Glebe - CRICOS No. 03337F