Master plan stage 2           

Stage 1 of the College Master Plan saw the completion and opening of the Trixie Forest Multi-Purpose Centre in 2004. Work on Stage 2 commenced in 2008 and was brought to completion for the start of 2009.

Part A has provided new staff facilities (both study and common room), an extended and refurbished library, another computer laboratory plus dedicated Technology Resource Centre, and also a multi-purpose curriculum area. All of this was constructed on top of and beyond the existing library building, which was built back in 1984 when provision was made for later expansion.

Part B of Stage 2 saw the existing staff study area completely re-modelled into a Visual Arts Centre, and the existing staff common room being converted into much needed general classroom space and guidance co-ordinators' offices.

The minor inconveniences of having to operate out of demountable buildings housing a scaled-down library and senior co-ordinators' offices, as well as having the noise and dust of a construction site in the middle of the College were well worth the reward of these brand new and expanded facilities which we now enjoy.


PROVIDER: St Scholastica's College, Glebe - CRICOS No. 03337F