The Benedict Learning Centre          

This new facility was opened on March 15 2009 and includes a newly refurbished state of the art Library. Reading and the borrowing of books continue to be a popular pastime for all. Computer workstations with full Internet access are available within the body of the library for independent use by all students. Smart-chip ID cards are issued to students to facilitate library and textbook borrowing as well as enable them to complete photocopying and printing tasks. The library is open before and after school and at recess and lunchtime.

In addition there are a number of flexible learning spaces including a computer laboratory, technology resource centre and seminar rooms. Students are able to work individually and in small groups, learning how to collaborate, create and express new ideas. The richness of the technology resources will give teachers and students the opportunity to key into the cyber world to gather and distil information, creating and developing new approaches to learning. Our students must be the knowledge and wisdom builders of the 21st century and they are offered a wide range of resources and strategies to develop their skills.



PROVIDER: St Scholastica's College, Glebe - CRICOS No. 03337F